Friday, February 1, 2008

Searching for better bicycle designs

Here are some bikes I've built from parts of existing bikes. I started with a short wheelbase recumbent and eventually built 13 recumbent bikes and a couple of crank forward bikes.

This is my current favorite touring bike--my 11th homebuilt recumbent. It is sort of an Easy Racers Tour Easy clone. It has a 27" rear wheel and a 406 type 20" front and a 2 x 7 derailler transmission. This bike started life as a Centurian road bike my neighbor donated and is very smooth and comfortable. I built a couple of long wheelbase recumbents since this one for other people but I feel like this one represents about the best I can do for now with existing methods and materials I can comfortably work with.

My latest projects have been home built crank forward bikes.

My first c.f. was made frome and old Araya road bike and pieces of a Performance road bike. I decided to make it a collapsible bike after I had it in rideable form. Here are pictures of it:

This bike fits into the trunk of my Hyundai Elantra very nicely once I break the frame in two sections and pull the seat and front wheel.

My second effort at home built crank forward involved an old Schwinn LeTour and I laid the seat post farther back and angled the head tube back to about 60 degrees to improve steering response:

Here is CF #2 on the brazing jig. The seat tube and long sections of chain stays are new 4130 cro-mo tubing from AirParts here in Kansas City.

Here is a look at the seat pan in construcion and a shot of the finished bike. It is very comfortable but not very fast down hill or into the wind compared to a recumbent but is ideal for short trips to the store etc.


Data Babble said...

Great bikes! Do you sell these?

KCbiker said...

I mostly build for my own amusement but did build a couple for other people. My main goal is to generate interist among people who would like to try their hand at building a bike. My motivation has been having my own recumbent and crank forward bikes without paying new retail for them.